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How to Use Google Play Developer Console to Publish Your App

You may be overly excited to have your first app launched. The excitement may be mixed with some uncertainty on how to go about the whole process. Read on to familiarize yourself with what you need to do so as to successfully complete the process in Google play developer.
Google play has over 1 billion monthly active users. The to distribution, selling and promotion of Android Apps is conveniently done in Google play due to the huge number of users but check on iBuildApp.

It is not good to leave some people behind in this discussion and this article discusses in simple language. Therefore, it is good to first say it may appear as if it is intimidating to publish an app in Google play. There is a set of rules that must be adhered to, like in any other site. There are also regulations and applicable procedures which cannot be ignored. It is obligatory to understand these things if you wish to avoid future problems in this site.

In your pursuit to publish your app, first create a developer account. Google play requires you to create a developer account before you try to publish your app. Using your Google accent, you can easily sign up and get one.
This is not a complicated process but you will pay $25 as your registration fee but the payment is once. Make the payment after agreeing to the Developer Distribution Agreement. All account details need to be filled. It will need 48 hours for the registration process to be processed.

Your merchant account needs to be linked after this. So long as you want to sell the app, that is the only way to go about it. Create a payment centre by making sure that you sign in to your Play Console and then go to Click on Download Reports and then ‘Set up a merchant account now’ by filling your business information. Your profile will automatically link to your developer account.

This is where now you can create the app. Simply navigate the tab “all applications.” You will need to name your app after clicking ‘Create Application,’ and selecting default language.

It is now time to prepare store listing. These details of your app will be available to your customers in Google play store. Here are the details that need to be captured product details, Google play product details, graphics assets, Google play graphics asset, language and translation, Google play language screenshot but consider iBuildApp.

Ensure that you upload the APK for your file. After this, it is time to make room for Appropriate Content Rating. After doing this, it will be time to give pro=icing and distribution. Finally, just review your app and it will be ready for release. After this you only need to market your app.

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