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Important Tips on undertaking an Aviation Digital Marketing Strategy

The aviation industry has greatly benefited from the digital marketing platform. The success of aviation marketing is pegged on digital marketing. Digital marketing reaches to a wider audience and target customers. With digital marketing, the advertisers can rate consumer response hence provide solutions for their needs. An aviation firm that is able to identify client preference and needs is equally able to resolve them and get the much needed competitive edge. Digital marketing is an international platform that transmits information on a real-time basis making it a more effective tool of creating customer database. If a firm has established a functional customer database disbursement of updates and relevant information becomes so easy. A happy customer is one who is well-informed. Below is some information to consider when undertaking digital marketing as an integral part of the firm’s aviation marketing approach.

Historically the telephone was limited to receiving a voice call and faxing information but not so for the mobile phone which has numerous uses. This is especially true if the handheld device is a smartphone. The device holder can communicate, conduct e-commerce business and even transfer funds using the device. The capability of the smartphones, makes the device an effective equipment for transmitting promotional material. As an aviation marketing approach the firm can send information about current and upcoming products through the technique dubbed mobile presence. Mobile presence can be improved by sending short messages SMS with relevant updates on products or product launches. Through the use of SMS the firm can inform customers about the discounted flight, new routes or any other important information. As a means of communication, the SMS is believed to be more affordable and more successful than the email. It is easier for clients to peruse through an SMS than it is for them to read their emails. It takes a brief moment to read the SMS before an individual decides on whether to discard it.

The marketers should also utilize mobile search optimization. This means that the web designer allows for a link between the mobile phone and the firms’ website. In addition, the website should provide an interface for quick response to the clients’ inquiries. This is an important tool for aviation marketing because the mobile phone is widely accessible unlike other devices like computers and laptops.

Mobile search optimization also increases the search engine optimization – SEO ranking of a firm. This is the more reason why a firm should ensure the website is accommodative of the handheld devices. The disbursement of information should be easily accessed by the laptops as well as the mobile gadgets. Videos and images should be should be accessible to the handheld device without using too much data or taking too long to load. Another important digital marketing tool is the data-driven marketing. Here the marketer can use algorithms and customer relationship management CRM software, to carry out target campaigns.