Case Study: My Experience With Patches

Custom Patches and Emblems

Emblems and patches are very popular in the modern day because we see them on a lot of items . Emblems and patches can either be embroidered or woven. Custom patches have some very unique shapes that make them unique. Patches are permanent when put on fabric. Unlike clothing labels patches are fixed on the outside and are not to be cut off. Patches can be made to look conspicuous and they come with logos, emblems and some written information written in them.

Woven patches have higher definition in terms of the lettering, edges and generally how they are put together if compared to embroidered patches. They are also surprising cheaper to manufacture with almost half the cost difference making them very ideal if you have a project at hand to consider. Laser cut and die cut are shapes of patch work that are not in square. Patches are a lot larger than the normal clothing labels and that allows them to contain logos, emblems and even writings. The unique thing about the embroidered patches is that they have a higher three dimensional lift to the fabric . Creating such a masterpiece however requires dense stitching and the use of thick embroidered threads. Embroidered stitching gives you a classy look but if you want to capture finer details of a loo or writing it does not work out that well. If you have a project that you want done with customized emblems and patches you need to think about the budget and graphic requirements first.

Manufacturers know a lot about patches and emblems, consider having sit down with them so you can brainstorm on your customized order, The ideas that the manufacturer has might impress you enough such that you want them on the product that you ordered. Consider the time gap that you want the product finished once you place an order with the manufacturer , custom pieces could have a lot of work involved and hence the need to ensure that everything falls within the time gap that is suitable for you. If the order that you placed is to grace an event consider placing it as early as you can so that you can beat the last minute rushes that come with placing an order late. You will have an easy time when you make an order during that time when the manufacturer does not have a lot of clients to serve than the peak season when everyone is rushing. Check to see of the manufacturer is using the quality of thread that you want.

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