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Fabric Filters – Choosing the Most Appropriate One for Your Facility

Replacing or upgrading your facility’s fabric filters is an arduous task because you should know the right fabric filters to use and that calls for the consideration of a lot of factors to inform your choice. Several filtration equipment are available today, and that makes it quite challenging to identify the most appropriate one that will serve you best. For that reason, this article delves into various factors that you should examine so that you end up with an ideal fabric filter for your facility.

Consider the nature of dust and its generation – Collect the dust particles and carefully analyze them to know their sizes and they might be fine or bulky. The dust can either be fine or rough textured and that greatly influences the type of technology to use for filtration. Do further tests to ascertain if the dust is flammable or hazardous to health. Since you might not know how to perform the advanced tests on the dust, you should bring in an expert to do it and provide dependable results. Further, the expert will recommend the type of dust collector, its size, location and safety precautions that you should take.

Find the right technology – When you have understood the nature of the dust and other vital properties that might come up, you can easily find a suitable technology. The cartridge technology is appropriate in a case where the dust particles are minute, and there is the need for high-efficiency media and continuous operation. Be aware of the modern technologies used for dust collection so that you can adopt the most efficient one.

Consider the space available – Most people make the mistake of buying a dust collector without checking if they have ample space for it. The bulky fabric filters take a lot of space and thus, you can be disheartened if it does not fit the designated space. Sometimes, you can spare a large space for the filters but you end up buying the small filters, and that leads to wastage of valuable space. Engage a professional to advise you about the best positioning of the fabric filter after hazard analysis. Before you set out to buy a fabric filter, ensure that you have the dimensions of the room so that you measure it to confirm.

Price of fabric filter – Find time to compare the rates of fabric filters on various stores and identify the most favorable one according to your budget. Emphasize on the best quality filters which you should buy at an affordable price. Interestingly, you can buy a dust collector cheaply, but the maintenance cost can be overwhelming in the long run.

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