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Creating Your Own Mailing Labels

Do you want to make your own mailing labels? If your answer is yes, then it will be critical to learn how you can take advantage of Microsoft Office. Whether you believe it or not, word application has label wizard app that’s built-in, which is very powerful to create and design labels which include mail merge. The moment that you began to learn and understand the app, it allows you to create a mailing address label from your Word.

Following is a quick and simple to follow steps on creating your own mailing labels.

Step number 1. Creating a mailing label – open MS Word and then, click “New Document” button. Check the “Tools” menu and choose Letters and Mailings and then, click on the Envelopes and Labels. Look for Labels tab and enter Options and when you are through, select the type of labels you wish to create and hit OK.

Step number 2. Format your content – this is fairly simple and basic process to do because you have to activate the borders or table gridlines. Through this, you can see the outline of the label. Find Show Gridlines from Table menu.

In an effort to create similar copies on the other hand, it is best that you type and format a single label first and create and paste it to generate more copies of the same.

Step number 3. Inserting photos to the labels – if you want to insert photo, it is recommended that you scan it first or find any saved photos on your computer. What you should do next is move or resize the image as required in order to fit to the label.

Step number 4. Duplicating content – regardless if it’s text, photo or something, you can duplicate any info that you want in your label. What has to be done is to copy and paste them to every label. To get this done, just follow the instruction below:

Choose the photos and/or text you wish to duplicate. From Edit menu, choose copy and place the cursor in label where you like to place the info. Choose the Paste option from the Edit menu.

Step number 5. Saving your mailing label – a new window will open on the File menu after hitting on Save. In Save As window, find and open the folder where you wish to save the labels and type the name for it and hit save.

Step number 6. Previewing mailing labels – if you like to view the labels you created before, select Print Preview from File menu or click the Print Preview button. When you are done checking the label, click Close to close the preview window.

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